World Bboy Classic 2017 RECAP: Hype and controversial issues

WBC2017-BlogLast weekend the famous World Bboy Classic was going down in Holland. As one of the most anticipated battles in the world there were a lot of dope Bboys dancing in the 2 v 2 battles. Besides of the nice BBoys and Bgirls there were some controversial things that happened. So thats what we will talk about.

First of all we have to say that as always the duos that participated were very good. Overall it was a very high level event. There were some professional Bboys and Bgirls with a lot of experience but also some of the best newcomers and new generation Bboys. Most of the teams consisted one professional dancer and one younger Bboy/Bgirl. We also noticed that there were a lot of teams from the Netherlands which is not anomalous considering that the event happened in Eindhoven.

But as always in these days some controversial things were part of the event such as robberies and hassle. Lets start from the beginning. after the first round BBoy Assassin from Body Carnival and BBoy Igri Bozz danced against Bgirl Roxy from the UK and Bgirl Vanessa. Despite the fact that Vanessa and Roxy delivered very well in the end Assasin and Igri Bozz should have won in our opinion. We also noticed that Roxy and Vanessa just put 2 sets in one round by just going in twice in a row pretending to do a routine, they obviously won the round (deserved) but we don’t think thats a fair thing although its not directly forbidden.

another very discussed battle was the Korean overpowered team Zooty Zoot and Wing versus Hustle Kidz (Menno and Shane) from Holland. Allthough we think Hustle Kidz won most of the rounds we would’ve at least given Wing the win against Menno in the second round. Also there was some repetition from Hustle Kidz. We think it was just a very close battle.

By far the most exciting battle of the evening was Bboy Kid Colombia and Justen, both from Hustle Kidz, vs Willy from Tekken Crew and Flying Steps and Skychief from the Ruggeds. After 2 rounds the score was 2 – 0 for Colombia and Justen but than Willy and especially Skychief turned on the battle mode and destroyed everything. So they brought it back and won 3 to 2in the end. It was one of the most entertaining battles I’ve watched in a while. But thats not all that happened. If you know Kid Colombia you know that he can get aggressive quickly. So if you look at Kid Colombia and Skychief in the battle you notice that they always have a debate. Then in the last round Kid Colombia crashes in to Skychief while doing a flip and in the end Skychief knew that he won against Kid Colombia so he is telling him that. Obviously Kid Colombia is getting aggressive then because he knew too that Skychief won the round. They were very close to a fight but luckily they were interrupted. But thats part of breaking so thats just a normal thing that can happen in battles. Actually that was not the first debate between Colombia and Skychief. They battled multiple times in the past and it never was very friendly. But lets not focus too much on that side of the event. At the end Kid Colombia and Skychief both had their moments and brought up great moves.

Our favorite moments were the crazy freeze from Kid Colombia in the first round (watch it here) and the whole battle Kid Colombia and Justen vs Skychief and Willy as we said before. Also huge respect to Menno and Shane for winning the event at the end. We are looking forward to the next World BBoy Classic.

All the footage by: PRODANCE TV

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