Fights in Breakdance

A while ago a very interesting battle happened in Holland. The battle was between the Ruggeds and the Hustle Kidz. They are considered as the 2 best crews in Holland so it was a very intense battle which is what we expected. Unfortunately, it escalated into a fight at some point.
So as we looked up the comments, we noticed that there were different opinions about the fighting. We thought that’s really interesting so we will look at the different opinions to see what the people think about fighting.

„Fights bring hype and action to the battle“

True. Fights hype up battles, there is no doubt about that. But you should look at it that way: Are fights necessary for an intense battle? We’ve seen many hyped battles without fights. In fact, fighting might hype up battles, but at the same time, they often create negative energy. Some people like it, some people don’t.

A very important point is that you have to distinguish a fight from provocations and others little attitude things. For example, BBoy Lilou used to really mess around on the stage. That’s why he had some of the most legendary battles. And he did that often without fighting. Yeah, Lilou did some disrespectful things and he also was included in fights from time to time. But we still think that there is a difference between talking shit and doing shit. Obviously, you could argue that provocations and things like that are as bad as fights, but that’s another topic.

„Fights shouldn’t be part of Bboying“

Another statement that we can understand totally. That’s what most of the Bboys and Bgirls we know think.

You shouldn’t forget about the reason for why battles were created. They were invented so people could clear their problems without fighting.
If you think of that, it seems a little ironic that people fight BECAUSE of Breakdance. Of course, we know that Breakdance changed a lot and has grown to a real competition since the invention. 

But we also have to say that sometimes it seems like there is no other way around a fight. That mostly is the case with Bboys that can get provoked quickly and if they do get provoked it often leads to a fight.

So what can you do about it?

Besides of interrupting the fight you can’t really do anything against that. Only the BBoys themselves can really stop creating fights.

Fortunately, we’ve seen most of the aggressive dancers trying to calm themselves down after some years of experience. That’s probably because they notice that most people don’t like seeing fights.

The best example is BBoy Gravity. He used to be relatively aggressive. Although he still got an aggressive attitude he really calmed himself down in recent time.  Props to Gravity!

In our opinion fighting is just a natural conclusion of disputes between Bboys that are in the battle mode which is something that happens often in battles.

Although it just happens sometimes we think the dancers should stick to the rules of battles and shouldn’t cross the line to nonverbal fights. It’s their own responsibility to avoid that if they can.

We are really interested in what you think about fighting. We appreciate if you let us know.

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