First qualifications how it went

Since a few days, the results of the first qualifiers for the Youth Olympics are online. We knew that not everyone was totally on board with Breakdance in the Olympics but we didn’t expect to see so many bad responses to the recent qualifier round.

So why did the Breakdance community not like it?

We heard that many people don’t like that you can qualify yourself by sending in a video. The problem with videos is that it doesn’t actually show that you’re a good Bboy. It only shows that you can do Breakdance for forty seconds. You don’t have the pressure of battling against someone in front of a crowd and you have almost endless time to practice your set.

The good things about it

Nevertheless, there are also some positive points about video qualifications. For instance, not everyone has the opportunity to travel to the real qualifications, so like this more people can participate which is great because even underdogs have a chance with this system.

Of course, many people still don’t think Breakdance should be part of the Youth Olympics but you can’t change that anymore so maybe we should all wait and see how it turns out. We already wrote about that in another article check it out here

Our Opinion

We personally think the system is a great idea. Mostly because everybody gets the chance to participate at the Youth Olympics which is a really big chance. Also, we don’t worry about seeing bad dancers at the Olympics because there are more qualification rounds coming, which will sort out the Bboys/Bgirls that shouldn’t be at the Olympics. In addition to that, there are Judges that have a lot of experience so they are able to see if somebody is a good dancer or not.

We are very happy to have a qualification like this because this makes the whole event literally worldwide. Even people from countries that are usually not included in these events can be part of it.

We are looking forward to see what will happen in Buenos Aires next Year!

Let us know what you think about this topic.

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