Top 5 Bboys 2017 so far…

So 2017 is slowly coming to its end and because of that, we decided to rate the 5 best Bboys from this year. Here is our list!

Note: That’s obviously just our opinion. Also, we only focus on the performance of THIS year, not the performance of the recent years, which means if a Bboy wasn’t very active this year we obviously don’t rate them.


Nr. 5 – Yosh

Some people might ask now: Who is Yosh? Although he got more popularity through some events he is still a relatively unpopular Bboy if you compare him to the rest of the Bboys that made it into this list, but we really think he often is underrated. That’s probably because he is not dancing at the world biggest competitions. Still, we think he is a very creative, diverse and dope Bboy!


Nr. 4 – Issei

Please let me explain why Issei only got in the fourth place here. We actually think he could’ve been rated much higher, but we haven’t seen too much of him, yet. Still, he drastically improved as he always does and we think he is coming to get his second win in a row at Red Bull BC One this year.


Nr. 3 – Zooty Zoot

We followed Zooty Zoots career now for some years but this year was probably one of his most successful years. He really showed what he got. He competed at some of the big events and even won some. He really made himself a worldwide name this year. I don’t think we really need to tell you much about his moves…

Nr. 2 – Shane

One of the best dance crews this year was definitely the Hustle Kidz from Holland. Besides of Kid Colombia, Justen, Menno and others, Bboy Shane really had his time to shine this year. Shane won many, many events solo and with his crew. He has a very creative style with a lot of character. We are looking forward to seeing him at Red Bull BC One this year!

Honorable mentions

Here we have some honorable mentions for this rating:

Pac Pac
Lussy Sky
Kid Colombia

Nr. 1 – Kill

Yes, we know, it’s a little debatable to put a Powerhead on top of this list but we definitely think Bboy Kill deserves this place. He was just at its highest level this year (and that means a lot if you talk about Bboy Kill). He put his powermoves and his overall skills to another level and won many. What really impressed us is that he not only won events like World Powermove Series but he also won events for all-around Bboys such as Unbreakable. Props to Kill!


So that is our rating of the best Bboys in this year. Who is your favorite Bboy so far? Let us know!


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