How to create new Breakdance moves

Since I’m a Bboy I know how frustrating it can be to watch other Bboys creating new movements every day while you just don’t have any ideas about creating new moves. Probably most dancers have these frustrating moments. But there are also moments where you just randomly find dope new moves. In these moments you often ask yourself: How the hell did that happen? So recently I’ve analyzed the moments of finding new movements and I’ve found a strange thing that is always included when I’m finding a new move. Its very simple but I’ve tried it many times and it always works.

So what I’m doing to find new moves is this:

1.I’m taking a break from breaking (completely!)
That means that I’m not dancing at all for a time of 2 days to a week (maximum)
I just randomly start breaking without any intention.
2.You should always start with doing a move that you are very used to. In my case, it’s the side freeze.
From there just do what feels right. As strange as it sounds, with this method I’ve found tons of new moves.


Usually, I do that after or while I’m working. I just randomly stand up and start doing a move in my room

So what basically happens is that you just start to remember parts of what you usually do but since you’re not in your practice mode you don’t stick to your typical movements what means that you naturally find a way of continuing a freeze and varying the moves you know.

It’s a very simple but effective way of boosting your creativity.

Tell me how it worked for you!

picture: Nika Kramer

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