Dream teams – dope or unfair?

We all know and probably also admire them because they often win every battle there is. We are talking about the dream crews, dream duos, dream trios et cetera. They exist in every sport.

How do these dream teams come about?

There are two sorts of dream teams, the one that often starts Breakdance together and becomes better and more famous at the time. The other one is those dream teams that are formed out of already good or well-known Bboys/Bgirls. An example for this are the Red Bull BC One Allstars, all of them have already won one of the most important battles there is, so they are technically the greatest crew ever, right?

Again we come to the question if it’s a good idea to bring Breakdance into the mainstream because here is the thing, if that happens, those crews with the most money will eventually have all the great Bboys and Bgirls. This is a problem every sport has which is only stopped by world cups (which is for us the BOTY) because there only crews from the same country can participate.

What is happening right now makes it harder to get in this already small percentage of professional Bboys/Bgirls. It is simply quite hard to win in a two vs two battle against Hong10 and Menno. But you also can’t forbid someone to dance with their friends. We think this problem will kind of solve itself with Breakdance becoming a professional sport or maybe not solve but hopefully, it will turn out to be satisfying for everyone.

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