The BEST Breakdance event in the world?

Last weekend the popular Silverback Open happened in Philadelphia. With time it became a very prestige Breakdance event.
It seems like every good Bboy and Bgirl participate in the battle. So what are the things you need to know about Silverback Open from this year? Continue reading!


Japan was killing it!  🇯🇵

If you were there or if you watched the live stream you can tell that Japan was on at this weekend. Japanese teenage Bgirl Ami won the Bgirl solo battle. In the final, she battled Ayumi, who is from Japan as well.
Ami showed the world what they can expect to see from japans Bgirl scene in the future. Props to Ami and also props to Ayumi for killing it too.

Another Japanese dancer that was on fire at SBO was Issei. He finally won the 1 v 1 Bboy event, after being second for 2 years in a row.
He showed up some new dope moves, as he does consistently. In the final Issei faced Alkolil. The battle was on an extremely high level.
Also, Issei had some pretty tough battles. He faced Vero in the quarter and Menno in the semi-final but that’s what you should expect if you participate at Silverback Open.


Alkolil was on fire

If you watched the event you should’ve noticed that Alkolil was in the spotlight of the battles. The Russian Bboy went to the solo finals and got second and he went to the finals in the 3 vs 3 battles with Robin and Bumblebee too. Either it’s nice for him to come this far in 2 extremely high leveled battles or its frustrating to lose 2 times in the final in a row (welcome to the past life of Issei lol just kidding). Anyway, we know one thing for sure after seeing Alkolil at the SBO: He is ready to kill it at Red Bull BC One in 2 months


Seven Commandoz won the 3 v 3 🇰🇷

There were a lot of extremely good crews participating in the 3 v 3 battle. Also, there were a lot of super-crews (besides of THE sup3r crew lol), which consisted of some of the worlds best dancers, for example, Kuzya, Vero, and Shigekix.

Although there were many overpowered dream teams, at the end the Korean Seven Commandoz (Wing, Hong 10 and Skim) won the battle now for the second time. You can definitely say that they were on this night. Especially Hong 10 stood out for us. He pulled out some new movements such as the Walking hong 10 freeze.



As it is always the case, there are some discussions about robberies. The most talked about battle is Navi solution (Lussy sky, Drud and Tawfiq) vs Seven Commandoz in the top 16. Many people think Navi solution was better and should’ve won. Make your own opinion!


Why SBO is the best event for many people

One thing that we noticed after the weekend is how many of the Bboys and Bgirls that participated at SBO said that it is one the best events in the world if not THE best.

We were a little surprised by that because we thought most Bboys think Red Bull BC One, IBE or Battle Of The Year are the best battles in the world. But we can also understand why many people say that SBO is great. Its probably because there are hundreds of dancers at the event, so pretty much every good Bboy in the world is part of it. Also, it’s not just a show, there are a lot of cyphers so everybody that is coming is able to dance.


Our Opinion

We think although there are some discussions about the judges decisions until now Silverback Open is the best Breakdance event of 2017 in the world. It’s not like the battles are getting interesting at the semifinals, all the battles even the prelims are extremely crazy battles often, that’s what we like the most about the event. Also, it’s not like a show as we said before, it’s a very classic Breakdance battle with a great energy.

As everybody else does, we are looking forward to Silverback Open next year 😉


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