Battle Of The Year 2017 – RECAP

So last weekend the world famous Battle Of The Year happened in the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany.

There are 2 things that are the same they were in the previous 2 years. First of all the Flooriorz won for the third time in a row, which means they made history because they are the first crew to win three times in a row, so definitely props to Japan!

The Second thing is that there is a lot of discussion about the event afterward.

So here we sum up the whole event with everything that happened.


Who battled who?


The crews that went through the showcase were from Taiwan, France, Belarus, Benelux, and Japan. In the quarter-final, Kienjuice from Belarus won against Taichung city hentai from Taiwan and the Vagabonds battled the Battle Droids from Benelux. The direct Semifinalists were Mortal Combat and Flooriorz, both from Japan. In the semis, Mortal Combat battled Vagabonds and the Flooriorz battled Kienjuice.

The final, Japan’s own, the Flooriorz, won against Vagabonds.


Where was Africa??


As we looked up the live stream we found out that none of the crews from Africa were participating at BOTY although they won their qualifier and they were named as participating crews on the website. No one said a word about the missing crews so we don’t know the reason. We think it had something to do with the traveling or with the visa.


The best showcase award was a robbery?


Since some of the Showcases were uploaded on Youtube, there is a lot of discussion about the fact that Japans Flooriorz won the award for the best showcase. Many people say that their routine was nothing special. Many think that the Vagabonds or Taichung City Hentai should’ve won the best Showcase. What do you think?


In our opinion, the showcase from Flooriorz was very dope and deserved to win. They did what they can do the best: Execute well. They made almost no mistake and the performance was well choreographed. Flooriorz were very solid and it was a good mixture of solo moves and group dancing. Also, the showcase might haven’t been the best, but we think the others weren’t either. The crews made a lot of mistakes and weren’t always synchronous. We understand that some people prefer the showcase from France or Taiwan. They had a lot more artistic movements, but that’s not necessarily what the judges are looking for.


Were the Battles judged badly?


As always the most debated topic is the judge’s decision. Some of the most talked about battles are Mortal Combat vs Vagabonds (semi) and especially Vagabonds vs Flooriorz, which was the final.

Its, as always, a question of how you are judging. And if you are judging on execution and diversity you could argue that Flooriorz deserve to win in the final, if you judge on athletic movements and routines, you could argue that Vagabonds should’ve won.

We will upload a full analysis of these battles soon, so stay tuned!


Was it boring/bad?


We also hear a lot of people saying that Boty was lame. We think you could say that Battle Of The Year was actually pretty nice. One reason for that is, that some of the old crews had a comeback, such as Mortal Combat and Vagabonds. Also, we’ve seen many different kinds of breaking which always makes an event interesting. Although it was not the best battle of the year, it was still a very enjoyable event!

So what do you think about BOTY 2017? Did you like it? Let us know!


picture: Maurice van der Meijs Photography

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