Battle analysis: Vagabonds vs Mortal Combat & Vagabonds vs Floorriorz

After Boty 2017 there was a lot of discussion about if the judges were wrong with their decisions. The most talked about battles was Mortal Combat vs Vagabonds and the final, Vagabonds vs Floorriorz. So here we will fully analyze the battle to show you if the decisions were wrong or right.


Mortal Combat vs Vagabonds


First of we want to say that this was a very dope battle, especially because both crews are from the older generation. Still, there is a lot discussion about the decision that Vagabonds took the battle.

Overall it was a very strategic battle, especially from the side of Mortal Combat. They came up strong from the very first round and they guided the battle. We strongly believe that that wasn’t what Vagabonds wanted to happen because often they are the crew that sets the tone.

Mortal Combat had an advantage since Vagabonds started off and they had the last round, which they used to put out a big routine.

We think if you only look at the breaking the crews were on the same level but besides of this Mortal Combat showed a little more with a lot of creative stuff and eyecatcher moves that you haven’t seen before. Also, like we said before, they dominated the battle. We think judges could have gone either way, but we would’ve voted for Mortal Combat.


Flooriorz vs Vagabonds


Now the final was a battle, we also really enjoyed watching. It felt like a clash of styles, since Flooriorz have more of the old school bboying style, and Vagabonds were more on the modern breaking side.

In general, it was definitely a close battle, no matter from which perspective you see it. Both crews had their strong and weak moments.

The most important thing you have to understand is the different types of dance the crews had. As we said before, the Floorriorz crew was more old school. They showed a lot of diversity and had some dope details. Also one of the biggest strengths of the Floorriorz is the execution.

In contrast to that, Vagabonds got a very artistic and athletic breaking style. They do a lot of routines which include many flips, jumps, and other acrobatic moves. Besides of that, they do a lot of Powermoves and they also put some creative things and jokes into their routines.

So since the styles are very different you see a big contrast between both crews. Because of the acrobatic moves of Vagabonds, the Flooriorz might seem a little boring in their type of breaking. That’s why many people see the Vagabonds as the winners of the battle. But that doesn’t mean that they are better Bboys. On the other side, the Vagabonds had a huge lack of execution. They often were a little sloppy, and even had some crashes in their rounds.

Another significant point for the judging is the originality and the repetition of movements.

While the Flooriorz wasn’t very original as a collective (because they haven’t had routines) the Vagabonds had some very creative group performances. The problem was that it seemed a little like the only Bboys that did complete sets were Mounir, Dany, and Lil Kev. The other members seemed like they were the routine dancers. So that made the rounds of Vagabonds appear a little repetitive. In the contrast to the very diverse sets of the Flooriorz that stood out for us.

Routines are good if they are good

Another point that speaks against France is the way they performed their routines. While they had a huge amount of nice movements they made some mistakes and they weren’t always synchronous which has a huge impact. Overall they seemed like they weren’t too solid in what they were doing.

In general, routines are a plus point in crew battles, which speaks for Vagabonds, but if they are not well executed they can damage you more than they benefit you, especially if you go against a solid crew like Flooriorz.

So a judge has to decide whats more important: Doing routines, but not very clean, or doing no routines but very dope and clean solos. That’s the main point of the battle. And it looks like the Judges cared more about the execution.

We watched this battle more than 5 times now, so we have a pretty good view of the battle, and after very much analyzing we came to the final decision that we would’ve voted for Flooriorz. At the end of the day, Breaking consist of Toprock, Footwork, Powermoves, and Freezes. And in this battle, Flooriorz showed that they are capable of doing all these things. And that’s what most judges focus on. 

Who would have you picked to win? Vagabonds or Florriorz? Let us know!

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