Red Bull BC One Recap! The WORST or THE BEST BC One?

BC One champ: Menno!

Dutch Bboy Menno won the belt for the second time this year in his home country. He showed off the classic Menno style just on a new level. He faced Korean legend Bboy Wing, who won against many of the favorites earlier on. Shout out to both of them!



Was it all a robbery or a fake win?

Many people say that Menno shouldn’t have won BC One this year. Some people even assume that it was all planned so that the homeland Bboy wins in his country. Well, first of all, that’s a very extreme assumption, especially without any proofs.

Also, we saw a lot of people that seemed like they just don’t like Menno as a person. It’s important to not confuse his character and his dance skill. Of course, attitude plays a role in the battle, but that’s not all that decides how good a Bboy is.

It’s the same in other sports, there are probably many people that don’t like Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is still one of the best soccer players. So it’s not really fair to say that Menno should’ve lost because you think he is annoying.


Still, we are not saying that, no matter what Menno should’ve won. It’s debatable if he should have taken all the wins he took on the evening. We will upload a full analysis on the final battle really soon.


Shigekix – already one of the best Bboys in the world?

One of the best parts of BC One this year was Bboy Shigekix. The young Japanese dancer went to the semifinal after beating Lussy Sky and Alkolil. Imagine being at this high level with the age of 15! He pulled out some insane moves, definitely one of the best Breakers of the evening!


The best Battles of the event

Although there weren’t many of these extremely hyped moments, we saw some really dope battles yesterday. A very dope battle was Wing vs Issei (quarterfinal). Also Thesis vs Lil Zoo was really nice to watch, not only because of the skill but also because they both batted against each other with a really exciting and funny attitude. Also, the battle Lussy Sky vs Shigekix was really fresh.


Thesis aka. Water Bottle Allstar

By far the funniest moment was when Thesis dissed Lil Zoo as well as Red Bull in Quarterfinal. He just acted like he drank red bull and then passing out. Afterwards, he was holding up a water bottle. Shout to Thesis lol


The best Bboy of the battle

Obviously, the winner of the battle is Bboy Menno so overall he could be considered as the best and he was definitely one of the best Bboys on the stage. But if you look at each round of the Bboys you find that the most consistent and also one of the best all rounded Bboys was Wing. He didn’t have a weak round and had some crazy details. So if you compare all Bboys round per round, we would give the title for the best Bboy of the Evening (not the winner, that’s a big difference) to Wing.



The worst BC One ever?

People claim this year’s BC One was one of the worst editions ever.

Coincidentally that’s what everybody said as well in 2014 when Menno won too.

We think overall the event was by far not the worst BC One, in fact, we would actually rate it as one of the best in recent years. First of all the variety of Bboys (and Bgirls!) was really big. Every kind of Breaker participated in this year’s battle. Also, the overall skill was so high that it almost couldn’t be higher, every battle had its dope moments. 


Things that went wrong this year

Although it was an overall good event there are some things that could have been better.

Let’s start with the live stream. Although they kind of announced it, the live stream with commentary just interrupted in the middle of the Battle Shigekix vs Lussy sky and they just started talking and not showing the battle. That really annoyed us.


Also, it’s debatable if all the music that the Dj played was good for a breaking battle. Nobunaga sometimes stopped the music for a while and through things like that he confused the Bboys sometimes. But music is always about what you like to hear so you can’t just say it was good or bad.


So overall it was quite a good competition, it was really enjoying to watch all the top Bboy dancing against each other.


What do you think about this year’s Red Bull BC One? Did you like it? Do you think Menno deserved to win? Let us know!


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