SHOULD WING HAVE WON? Menno vs Wing Battle analysis!

After the Red Bull BC One final there were a lot of people saying that wing should’ve won in the final. Let’s find out if that is really the case!

Menno – how good was he in the final?

Overall we have to say that its clear that Menno showed a lot of great moves against Wing. He really showed his own style, as he always does and he also used quite some Powermove variations. He was also dancing on beat so his performance was in generall really nice.

Did Menno repeat his movements?

One thing that you could argue against Menno is, that his rounds seem to be a little bit similar to the previous rounds he did. And its true, there was a lot of shoulder rolling and stuff like that, however, the thing is that he uses his moves in different ways, although the elements are the same, so he doesn’t really repeat, he keeps to his style. Still, that made him look not too diverse, which could be a disadvantage. 

Did Menno crash?

Overall the dutch Bboy seemed pretty solid in his moves, but if you look closely (or in slow-mo as we did ;)) he was a little sloppy in his moves, although he didn’t really crash. After some moves he sometimes fell down on his back a little rough but it was nothing too crazy, still markable. Another thing we noticed is that he missed quite some threads in the first and in the third round, which you could call a small error, but again, its nothing heavy.

Was wing good enough?


Wings Problem

So Wing had a pretty big problem, which already happened before the final. He had to face Issei and he had to use almost all his signature killer moves, so he kind of run out of strong moves. Still, he had some really creative sets, which were dope in general. It just seemed like there was not really that much in his rounds. Though, we would give him a point against Menno for the variety of moves.

Wings crash

One point that is really significant is the fact that Wing executed really well, always … almost always: In the last round he crashed 2 times, which didn’t make a good end picture of Wing. Although Menno wasn’t really clean with the threads either, he was cleaner in the last round.


So let’s face the facts:


Execution: Menno (because of the crashes of Wing in the end)


Creativity: Menno (but Wing was really close, he just didn’t show enough content)


Diversity: Wing 


Musicality: Tie (both at the highest level)


Overall quality of sets (from toprock to ending – how everything fits together): Menno


Winner: Menno

So as you can see Menno deserved to win, but still, Wing was not very far behind.

Remember this is all our judgment, we aren’t the Breakdance gods so if you think different, please let us know and tell us why 🙂

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