The most successful Bboy of 2017

Bboy Tata is a well-known Bboy from New York City. He has already been a popular Bboy in the scene for the last couple years, however, this year he was really successful. We would even call him the most successful Bboy of 2017, so let’s find out what he did so special this year.


A real Monster BBoy!

As most people probably noticed, the Monster Bboys really killed it this year. They won UK Bboy Champs and they also won one of 2017’s biggest events: Freestyle Session 20th anniversary.


One of the Monster Bboys members is Tata. So these are already 2 extremely big wins for him, but that’s by far not all he did this year.

Dancing on the Ellen Show


One of Tatas biggest project was his dance act on The Ellen show. For those who don’t know Ellen, she is the host of one of the biggest TV Shows in the US (TheEllenShow). Tata performed some moves with his brothers. After their performance, they received a 10, 000 $ donation, which is obviously a big thing.


Tata on NBC


The recent work of Tata and his brothers is an act for NBC at Thanksgiving, which is another great accomplishment.


Tata is rapping!


Another side Project of the New Yorker Bboy is music. Him and his brothers, known as “luxury brothers” are putting out tracks on soundcloud. Definitely worth checking out, if you like new rap music!



So as you can see there have been a lot of Projects going on for Tata. We think he is so successful because he goes over the normal limit of what most Bboys do, which is participating in events. He tries to evolve in every way.

We hope to see even more of Tatas work next year!


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