Best of bboying 2017 – Highlights



2017 was a busy year in the BBoy Scene. A lot of different stuff was happening. Most of the things you forgot about quickly, so here is all of 2017 summed up in one article.


This year was a year of great events. Here are our favorites of 2017


 Red Bull BC One








BC One is always a really good event because all the great Bboys and Bgirls of the year participate in one battle. Although not everybody was happy with the outcome, there have been some fresh scenes.


Silverback Open

Like every year, it was one of the biggest events, hundreds participated. Not only the final battle was fire but even the prelim rounds were amazing.


 Freestyle Session

Picture: Probreakingtour

For the 20th anniversary, the people from Freestyle session created an awesome event. This time it was 10 vs 10. Usually, some battles of an event are good, here, every battle was amazing. Great vibe,  great music, great moves. perfect event!


Most underwhelming event

To be honest we think Battle Of The Year was pretty underwhelming this year. Dont get us wrong, the event was not bad however, we expected more from an event, that is called Battle OF The Year. 

Best Battle

Wing vs Issei – Red Bull BC One

For us, this was the best battle of Red Bull BC One this year. Issei did his power move beat kills and Wing used all his dope signature moves in this battle. Straight up fire.


Kill & Sunni vs Aslan/Bootuz & Lil Zoo – DpointC Battle the final

This battle is not as popular as Red Bull BC One or others, however, the final battle was definitely a highlight of this year. Lil Zoo and Bootuz/Aslan battled against Sunni and Kill. Every round was hyped.

Monster Bboys vs Squadron – Freestyle Session

It was an easy choice to put this battle on number one. In our eyes, this was just the perfect battle. The music was good, the moves where good, the crowd was good. every round was great.

First Bgirl on BC One stage

Picture: Hypebae, Red Bull

There is this saying that Hip Hop is a mirror of our society. This year sexual harassment was an important topic, especially in the western world.

This is why one of the biggest highlights this year was to see a Bgirl (Ayumi) on the prestigious Red Bull BC One Stage.

We are all about equality and that’s why we give Red Bull a lot of respect for this decision. Obviously, Ayumi participated because she got great moves, not because she is a woman.

Youth Olympics

A very special highlight this year was the inclusion of Breakdance in the Youth Olympics, which will happen next year in Buenos Aires.

We had multiple qualifications this year. from online qualification to the Asian and Europe final. The Olympics got a lot of attention in the scene.

Although there are different opinions about “Breaking For Gold”, most people consider it as a step forward to make Breakdance even more professional. We are really excited about seeing it next year!



A general thing we noticed this year, was how Breakdance got a lot of attention in the media.

Of course, Breaking is always kind of big, because everybody is fascinated by it, however this year it drew more attention than usual.

One highlight was the mentions by Joe Rogan in his very famous Podcast. Also, bestseller Author and Investor Tim Ferris referred to Breakdance a lot.

The bad side

Looking back it was a successful year for the Breakdance community, even though it has had some bad parts. A lot of people felt like blowing some steam of on social media about big events.

Often the critic was comprehensible and about how Breakdance/Hip-Hop has changed, concerning the problems Breakdance is facing while getting into the mainstream.

Recently a lot of sponsors of big events have been accused of having control over who is winning. Those things didn’t lead to the best vibe in the community.

Mex One

Besides of all the happy moments of 2017, there were also moments of sadness. One of them was the death of David Alvarado aka. Mex One.

He was a Member of the Squadron. MexOne was known as one of the most influential people in the scene. He was the creator of “The Bboy Spot” and “The Biggest and Baddest”. Rest In Peace to this inspirational Bboy.


Tight Eyez kicked Junior


One negative highlight was the conflict between Bboy Junior and Tight Eyez, who is a legend in the crumping scene.

While they battled against each other, there was a rough conversation, until Tight Eyez Kicked Junior while he was on the floor.

That once again showed us, that we shouldn’t mix different dance-styles in battles. If you want to learn more about this topic, click here.

Best Country

For us, it’s clear that Japan was the biggest and most successful country in the Breakdance Scene. Every part of the Culture is on a really high level in comparison to other countries.

We are excited to see if Japan will continue their path of success.

Best Bboy

4. Shigekix

Picture: Little Shao

Although the Japanese Bboy is only 15 Years old, he is already better than most adult BBoys.

He won a lot of battles this year and he got a lot of attention in general. One of his biggest highlights was his participation at Red Bull Bc One. He came to the semi-final, which he lost against Menno.

4. Kill

Picture: Little Shao

Bboy Kill had an extremely successful Year. He not only showed his incredible moves like he does usually but he also managed to win a lot of big Breaking Battles, which is really impressive for a Powerhead

3. Pocket

Picture: Owen Ling

The Korean Bboy Pocket showed once more that he is always improving his skills.

There were some Videos of Pocket that went extremely viral in social media.

He also teamed up with the Monster BBoys and won Freestyle Session with them.

2. Lil Zoo

Picture: Felix Pirker

Lil Zoo is already popular for a couple years. However, after a year of some injury, he was really successful this year. He won many big battles.

Lil Zoo also came really far at BC One. We are sure to see much more of him in 2018

 1. Issei

Although this year was not as successful for BBoy issei as the last, he is still our number one Bboy of the year.

The Japanese Bboy had some great moments and he improved a lot. His biggest win was at Silverback Open. We will see him at Undisputed in January too.

Best Bgirl

not only for the BBoy scene it was a great year but we also saw a lot of great Bgirls.

4. Nao

Even though we didn’t see her in many events this year, we saw on social media that she made much progress, especially with her Powermoves. We think she is one of the best if not the best female Powerhead, and she’s only 16 years old!

3. Ami

To be honest we first heard of Ami this year at the Silverback Open. She completely blew us away with her combinations of Powermoves and styles. We expect to see a lot more from her in the future.

2. Narumi

Picture: Breaking For Gold

Even though Narumi is not at the first place this year, she still had a great year. She participated in many events with her iconic style. we truly hope to see hear breaking many years more.

 1. Ayumi

Picture: Hypebae

This year Ayumi wrote history, being the first Bgirl to compete on the Red Bull BC One final stage. We do think that the sisters (Ayumi and Narumi) are equal in their Breakdance skills but this was simply the icing on the cake this year.

Excited to see what comes next!

Best crew

We obviously saw a lot of good crews. Many of them were successful the years before too, however, we also had some crews that dominated more than usual.

2. Hustle Kidz

With many popular solo Bboys, the crew is already popular for a couple years. This year they did not only achieved to win a lot of crew battles, but also many of the Members, such as Menno, Shane and Kid Colombia won some big solo competitions.

1. Monster Bboys

Every BBoy that is interested in the scene, should have noticed the Monster Bboys in 2017. 

The American, Korean and French Dream Team won many battles. Their biggest W’s this year were UK Champs and Freestyle Session.

Best Newcomer

The best new Bboy we saw this year was definitely Bboy Bumblebee from Russia.

He blew everyone’s mind with his crazy Powermove combos at Silverback Open and the Youth Olympic Qualifier. We are sure to see more of him in 2018


Best kid

3. Hiro

Only 13 years old and can already keep up with the mature Bboys and Bgirls. He is one of the reasons why we call Japan the future of Breakdance!

2. Lorenzo

The young Dutch Bboy was really active this year. With people like Tawfiq or Stripes he won many competitions and made himself a name in the scene.

Through this year he worked on his style and Powermoves.

Even though he is still very young we see much potential in him and believe that he will destroy 2018!

1. Shosei

Picture: Ghostgraphic pothography

Bboy Shosei is killing it for years now. The Japanese Bboy is extremely talented and doing some great Powermoves.

We would love to see him participate at some European events.




To sum it up, 2017 was definitely a good year for the Breakdance scene. We had some good events, battles and obviously Bboys and Bgirls!
We are excited to see what 2018 holds for the Breakdance community, and especially for the Youth Olympics!
Tell us in the comments what you are excited for in the next year 🙂

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