Hong 10 VS Issei – Analysis

There have been many good editions of Red Bull BC One, but there are some that stand out…

One of them is Red Bull BC One 2016. Especially the final – Hong 10 vs Issei – was a great battle.

We haven’t heard any bad critics about it, however, not everybody agrees with the decision of the Judges. There are quite some people that think Hong 10 should have won. That’s why we fully analyzed the battle to tell if the judging was rather good or bad.



Issei was really creative and had a great flow. He just stayed with his style. The problem for Issei was that he didn’t put in very much content. It sometimes seemed as if there was something missing in his sets. You also saw the lack of content through the length of his sets, that were really short.


Still, he had a great flow and style.


Hong 10

Hong was on such a high level, like always. He dominated in content. He had so many high-level moves, even in the final.


Although many people say that he was kind of repetitive, that’s not quite the case in our eyes. Bboy Hong 10 got his very own moves and style (that’s why the Freeze is called hong 10 Freeze). Because of that, he is not really repeating his moves, but more just staying with his style, just like Issei. He keeps a concept, always.


Also, he showed some completely new moves in the final battle, such as some airbaby variations and his chair-flares, while pulling off his shirt.


On the other hand, Hong 10 was not too good in execution. He sometimes seemed not very fluent and had some small crashes.


So, on one hand, Bboy Issei had a pretty good execution and style but a lack of content and on the other hand, Bboy Hong 10 showed a lot of moves but wasn’t very clean.


That was the biggest difference between these two Bboys.


On most of the other categories, on which you could judge the battle, both were on pretty much on the same level



Let’s face the facts:


Execution: Issei

Creativity: Hong 10

Difficulty: Hong 10

Content: Hong 10

Musicality: Tie (both were extremely good at that)

Attitude: Hong 10

Overall quality of sets (from toprock to ending – how everything fits together): Issei

Winner: Hong 10


So there you have it, Bboy Hong 10 Should have won.

Remember this is all our judgment, we aren’t the Breakdance gods so if you think different, please let us know and tell us why 🙂

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