Our predictions for 2018

So the new year has begun, but who will rule 2018? These are our predictions



There are many good talents all around the world. Especially Korea and Japan has many new Bboys and Bgirls incoming. Therefore we believe that the south Korean Bboy Zooty Zoot will dominate the next year. Although he is not new to the world stage, he didn’t get the big wins so far. Because of this, we have a feeling that he will show all that he worked for in this year. Keep an eye on him.

An honorable mention would be Bboy Millhouse who is also from Korea. He’s already called the next big Bboy from Korea, so definitely don’t sleep on him either.



picture: Nika Kramer

One of the most successful Bgirls of 2017 was Bgirl Ami. She won the Silverback Open, which is one of the biggest battles in the world. We believe that she will continue her path of success in the next year by winning even more of the major events.

Another Bgirl that got our attention in the last year was Ram, also from Japan. She will be part of the Youth Olympics this year. We think that could be her jumpstart into the international scene.



The Monster Bboys were really successful in 2017, no doubt. However, we believe that that was just the beginning. Most of the members of the Monster Energy sponsored Team are still really young, so there is still a lot coming for them.

One thing we are curious about is if world famous Bboy Pocket will be an official member. If that’s the case, a hard time is incoming for all the crews in the world.



There is not much to say about Breakdance events at the moment. There are a lot of bad events but there are also some really good ones.

One of the only events, that is dope on a consistent basis is Silverback Open. Everything you want from a battle is included in it. So it’s not hard to tell that this event will be dope this year too.

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