Do you need to warm up?

It takes a lot of time and is kind of annoying, so do you really need to warm up? Today we present you our personal warming up routine.

*Disclaimer* we are not doctors, we can only speak from our personal experience.

picture: LMCHESTE, Bboy Jonas Flex

Why do you warm up?

The original idea of warming up in order to guard your body against injuries. In a matter of years, the science has often changed its mind about how long, what and even if you should warm up. We figured you can only decide if you want to do it or not. We think it’s important not only for your future career but because you need some flexibility for Breakdance to be clean.


Our warm up routine

We usually warm up for 15-20 Minutes, depending on what we will train.
First, we a little bit of cardio for about 5 Minutes. For instance: Jumping jacks or skipping rope
Afterwards, we always like to start with the stretching. We do every exercise for about 20 – 30 seconds.


Stretching your legs is a necessity if you want to do nice and clean Powermoves.


Touching the toes with your hand (Right leg, Left leg, Both legs)
Split (both ways)
While standing shoulder-width loosen your hip

*Quick tip: If you don’t know these stretching exercises, just google them


The most important things to warm up are definitely your shoulders and hands because that’s where the most weight will be.


Rotate both arms, variegate the speed and direction
One arm at a time behind your back, press down with your other arm, you should feel a stretching pain in your under bicep and shoulder


Lay one arm on your  shoulder and try to press it up




Entangle your fingers, as if you were to hold hands with yourself, and rotate. Change directions

Get on your knees and lay your hands on the floor with your fingers showing to you. Now slowly stretch by laying back, it’s important that you don’t over stretch! Now do the same but with the back of your hand.


That is a basic warm up. Again if you have special needs you should ask a doctor.

Let us know if you tried it and if you have any suggestions!


picture: Sally Alexander

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