Recap January ’18

January is known to be a month where everybody trains a lot and tries to get the fat from the rips which you may have gained throughout the holiday time. That’s why this month there wasn’t a lot of events, except obviously for Undisputed.

Old Gamblerz Comeback?!

In the middle

Undisputed 2017 – Top or Flop? RECAP

The Undisputed world final is over now!

As always there is a lot of talking about it now. Was it good? Was the judging good?  Who was the best BBoy?

Here is an overview of the battle that brings out the “undisputed” BBoy!


Undisputed Winner: Victor

Picture: Kien Quan

Where is Bboy Sunni?

We were sad to hear that Bboy Sunni, winner of the UK champs, isn’t able to attend Undisputed this year. But why?

Sunni was unable to get a VISA for the US.

After Kill this is the second participant that can’t participate at the event.

Bboy Hill (Mexico) will replace

Undisputed – What You Need To Know

One of the best annual events is happening on the 27 and 28 January, the Undisputed battle! As always there is a very strong lineup, however, in comparison to the previous years it’s a little different. Read along why



Although there are also very popular Bboys there are

Bboy Gon is the next big Korean Bboy

The next extremely talented Korean Bboy stepped into the spotlight of the breaking scene! Bboy Gon is one of the most promising talents right now. But who is this new dancer?


Gon is a relatively young Bboy. He is an ex-member of the world famous Morning Of Owl Crew.

Best Breakdance Events In December 2017


December 02, 2017 (11:00) – Dec 03, 2017 (10:00)

Location: Yuzhong, Lanzhou, Gansu, China

Youth Olympics qualification

5 vs 5 Battle

Undisputed 1 vs 1 qualification





December 09, 2017 (11:00) – Dec 09, 2017 (22:00)

Location: Vanemuise 6,

Ouch! Bboy Lorenzo flies into Gravity

Last weekend the LCB Word Final happened in Belgium. Besides of many good moves, there is one scene, that you will remember:

Bboy Tafwiq throws Bboy Lorenzo into Gravity and Zeku .

Fortunately, Lorenzo stood up immediately after the fall and kept dancing.

Seems like Lorenzo is literally a secret

The most successful Bboy of 2017

Bboy Tata is a well-known Bboy from New York City. He has already been a popular Bboy in the scene for the last couple years, however, this year he was really successful. We would even call him the most successful Bboy of 2017, so let’s find out what he did