Fights in Breakdance

A while ago a very interesting battle happened in Holland. The battle was between the Ruggeds and the Hustle Kidz. They are considered as the 2 best crews in Holland so it was a very intense battle which is what we expected. Unfortunately, it escalated into a fight at some

Breakdance in the USA

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The roots of Breakdance are in the US of America. How did it change and what is next for the Bboys and Bgirls in America?

We already talked about the start of Breakdance, so if you are interested in that click here:

No country has ever won so many …

The evolution of the Bgirl-Scene

Evolution Bgirl-SceneWe’re in 2017 so Breakdance established already a long time ago. Since BBoying was invented there has been lots of changes in terms of battles, dance-styles, countries that are represented in the Scene and other things. One huge change is the way Bgirls are included in the scene. Right know

An upcoming underdog!

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Every year we see new Bboys in the scene. Often it seems like they just appear from nowhere. But thats not the case. Most of them already have trained hard for a lot of years.

So we just found another talented underdog! Bboy Phil Wizard from Canada is a young …

Top Bboy Events June 2017

Here are the dopest Breakdance Battles/Events in June 2017!


International Royal Battle 2017
June 10 (15:00) – June 11 (19:00)
 2 vs 2  
2 vs 2 Kids
 Stadthalle Rüsselsheim, Germany


Red Bull BC One Camp Russia  
June 15 (12:00) – June 17 (15:00)


World Bboy Classics

Breakdance in Germany

Screenshot 2017-05-12 17.05.06Breakdance in Germany has changed a lot in the last ten years. You may not think that Germany is a typical Breakdance country, like South Korea or Japan but because of Germany there has been quite a change in the Breakdance scene.

Let’s start of with the old days. In

The sponsors of Breakdance

Screenshot 2017-04-28 17.14.17Just like in every sport there are sponsors who support Breakdance.

Who are they, what’s in for the and in which way do they support Breakdance?

Slowly but surely more and more people can fulfill their dream, their passion, Breakdance and become a professional B-boy/B-girl. That is only possible because