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After more than one year we decided to stop and move on to other projects. This means that there won’t be any new articles on our Blog or social media.

We are very sorry for those who were looking forward to new content, but the decision is made.


Bboys that have been active for over 15 Years

picture: Little Shao

Hong 10

Hong 10 is considered a Breakdance legend. The reason for that is, that he participates in big battles for decades. He won his first Boty in 2003. That’s crazy if you see that he won multiple world class events in 2017. Since Hong 10 is

Our predictions for 2018

So the new year has begun, but who will rule 2018? These are our predictions



There are many good talents all around the world. Especially Korea and Japan has many new Bboys and Bgirls incoming. Therefore we believe that the south Korean Bboy Zooty Zoot will dominate the

Best upcoming events in January 2018

Here are the best upcoming events and battles in January 2018!



January 27, 2018 (13:00) – Jan 28, 2018 (08:00)
2100 Park Blvd, San Diego, United States


January 21, 2018 (14:00) – Jan 21, 2018 (22:00)
Dommelstraat 1,

8 dope Freezes that nobody does!

Today we share with you 8 freezes, that only very few people do!
We sorted them in three different difficulty levels, beginner, medium and advanced.
We also assessed how long it takes to learn the freeze, presuming you have beginner/medium/advanced skills.


1. Upper leg side freeze



The most successful Bboy of 2017

Bboy Tata is a well-known Bboy from New York City. He has already been a popular Bboy in the scene for the last couple years, however, this year he was really successful. We would even call him the most successful Bboy of 2017, so let’s find out what he did

The best Breakdance duos ever!

There are a lot of great Bboys and Bgirls at the moment, we see them work together in crews but also in Duos. So here are our top 7 Bboy/Bgirl Duos in the world.

7. Justen and Kid Colombia

Those two have been dancing together for more than five years.