Does Money destroy Breakdance?


Most Bboys and Bgirls are not extremely wealthy. That’s not a secret. You don’t earn much money with breaking. But that is not a problem because money is not a big issue for the Breakdance culture. It’s just not really important…. wait, is it? In most events, there is

Is Breakdance corrupted nowadays?

After 2 of the biggest Breakdance Events happened lately, there is a lot of talking about the results.


At Red Bull BC One in Amsterdam, Bboy Menno, who is a Bboy from the Netherlands and also Red Bull BC One all-star and sponsored by Red Bull, took the win.

The evolution of battles

Not only the Breakdance scene has changed a lot in the past years but also the battles have changed in various ways.In this article, we will talk about the three important changes in Breakdance battles. Which are: Structure, intention, and attention.


The structure of Breakdance battles changed in

Difference between Breakdance and Dance

Ok so Breakdance has the word dance is it but first of all is it a dance and where are the differences?

We want to start with what Breakdance and dancing, in general, have in common (with dance we don’t mean one in particular, though we are referring to the

Dream teams – dope or unfair?

We all know and probably also admire them because they often win every battle there is. We are talking about the dream crews, dream duos, dream trios et cetera. They exist in every sport.

How do these dream teams come about?

There are two sorts of dream teams, the one

First qualifications how it went

Since a few days, the results of the first qualifiers for the Youth Olympics are online. We knew that not everyone was totally on board with Breakdance in the Olympics but we didn’t expect to see so many bad responses to the recent qualifier round.

So why did the Breakdance