Toprocks – how to make them look good

Often beginners start with Toprocks because they seem easier. But we don’t actually think that is the case. Because, obviously, you don’t need that much strength to do them but that doesn’t mean they look good. So how do you make Toprocks look good?

*Note: This is a beginner guide. …

Do you need to warm up?

It takes a lot of time and is kind of annoying, so do you really need to warm up? Today we present you our personal warming up routine.

*Disclaimer* we are not doctors, we can only speak from our personal experience.

picture: LMCHESTE, Bboy Jonas Flex

Why do you warm

8 dope Freezes that nobody does!

Today we share with you 8 freezes, that only very few people do!
We sorted them in three different difficulty levels, beginner, medium and advanced.
We also assessed how long it takes to learn the freeze, presuming you have beginner/medium/advanced skills.


1. Upper leg side freeze



How to create new Breakdance moves

Since I’m a Bboy I know how frustrating it can be to watch other Bboys creating new movements every day while you just don’t have any ideas about creating new moves. Probably most dancers have these frustrating moments. But there are also moments where you just randomly find dope new