What is Bboynet?

We believe that the Breakdance scene is much bigger than just dancing.
It’s not just about watching some people dance on YouTube and then go back to other things.
There are thousands of people that are part of the community. We believe it’s about following up on the same things, to talk, share and laugh about them. The potential of the scene is gigantic.
That is why we created Bboynet. We wanted to strengthen the connection of Bboys and Bgirls all over the world.

On Bboynet you will find articles about everything that’s related to Breakdance.

Do you want to find out which battles are going to happen this month? Do you want to learn more about specific Bboys or Crews? Or do you just want to know what is going on in the Breakdance scene at the moment? We offer you all these things on Bboynet.

If you want to contact us just write an email to contact.bboynet@gmail.com. We are always happy to hear from you!